Other Activities

More activities related to fulfillment of Mission included.

Vitamin A Doses : Nearly 2500 children residing in 33 geographically remote forest villages and hamlets were administered Vitamin A . The team outreached them.

Relief Operations : This year flash floods brought havoc and caused extensive damage to villages in the block and nearby districts as well. Spandan team rose to occasion and extended relief to Rahatgaon and Sodalpur in Harda district and Mehlu a distant forest village in Khandwa district. Clothing and food grain support were extended to affected families.

Migration : To address the problem of migration in the region, a series of deliberations were held with the migrant labors especially adolescent girls. Most of the willing migrant labors are being provided an Identity card duly endorsed by the Sarpanch as well. The adolescent girls were provided a kit containing toiletries, sanitary pad and books and note books etc.

Child Friendly Anganwadis 36 Anganwadis were revamped through provisions of toys, clothing and donated grains. His is to help the children come and stay longer at the centers.

Feeding Demo : A special event was organized for staff, crèche workers and women leaders to learn to prepare various dishes from Mahua that is plentifully available in the region. Facilitated by an expert, various dishes were learned with their nutritive advantages. Participants agreed to try it out in child care centers ad also in homes.

Plantation : 5000 shady and fruit saplings were planted across 20 villages through community participation. The saplings were planted across villages and fields. People also erected temporary guards to protect the saplings.

Poshan Samvad : This program was jointly organized with IFPRI and Vikas Samvad. A series of ICDS sector wise dialogues were facilitated and that provided the grass roots service providers like ASHA, ANM and Anganwadi workers ventilate their experience and challenges. A range of vital learning could be had.

Latest News

Feb, 2024


It’s a recently started initiative that began with post-COVID trauma faced by a large number of tribal girls in their reverse migration. They faced so many difficulties way back that they were terrified. They say they could not even get a sanitary pad on their way back as all shops and doors were closed.

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Feb, 2019

Smokeless Chulha

Smoking is injurious to health and so is the smoke produced from the traditional chulhas(Stoves). The traditional chulha uses wood for cooking. They not only pollute the environment but also causes various respiratory diseases and lungs infections. Tuberculosis, low birth weight, heart diseases, still birth are the other diseases that can happen due to these. Coughing is the most common among the women, pregnant women and children using traditional chulhas at homes. It is the time to make these women aware of the harmful effects of using these traditional chulhas and so we have come up with introducing SMOKELESS chulhas. These are designed in such a way that it uses less wood, cooks more efficiently and produces less smoke. We are making women aware to make these chulhas at home.

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